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Need more veggies?

Having a hard time getting the kids to eat their veggies? A Chicago-based start-up may have a solution. VeggieBump is a blend of organic vegetable powders to supplement daily vegetable intake, including spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery and tomatoes. The boost can be added to any food and adds an extra vegetable serving into the day. […]

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InstaCart Expands in Chicago Area

Grocery shopping is my least favorite errand on a good day. Add in two toddlers? Torturous. How about some  cold and snowy weather to boot? No thanks. And apparently I’m not alone because the grocery delivery game is a fast expanding business. One of the latest entrants into the game (in the Midwest, anyway) is San […]

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Honest Tea for Kids

Over the last few years, Honest Tea has made headlines for its Honest campaign—they set up unmanned kiosks stocked with beverages and offered them for $1 on the honor system. Chicago took the top honors as most honest city in 2011, but this year Illinois dropped a bit. As a state, we were only 94 percent honest, […]

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